Friday, April 9, 2010

Episode 1 Aftercast: Extended Discussion about Fees and Deals

After each main episode we will have an aftercast featuring us shooting the breeze about these topics, unedited, and fun!

In this aftercast, we discuss, in a relaxed way, the points made in our podcast on fees and deals and more. We laugh about Wells Fargo and how they charge you to pay your bill, those click through participation required "not so real deals". We poke fun at dial up services and having a home phone vs not having one. Our discussions lead back to planning ahead and how to use that for saving money.

Please see our facebook Fees And Deals page for Elaine's savings on purchasing her patio set as mentioned within this aftercast.

Coupons can be obtained from just about anywhere, your neighbors and friends, online, coupon sites, as well as company sites.

Our discussion then leads to commercials from national fast food or chain stores. It's all about having a coupon or getting a deal from a "franchise" vs "corporate" store. Sometimes the franchise does NOT honor a deal that a corporate store will. How do we know the difference? We discuss Subway and their current deal for their foot long sandwiches.

Again, we go back to a discussion where Starbucks (*$) doesn't honor their own coupon where you buy something and get something free or at a discount. We discuss the names given to the sizes of drinks there. Why can't we just say small, medium, or large?

Perky Cups was next up and how they advertise. Perky Cups is a "coffee" shop where women in bikini tops serve your order to you. Have any of you been to Perky Cups? Do they have shirtless men as well?

Scott initiates conversation on reducing portions, smaller burgers, buns, where companies make more money by "super-sizing". Elaine contributes with a discussion on Dryer's (Edy's on the East Coast) ice cream packaging sizes.

BEWARE over buying in the store! If you are single, have coupons, there is a sale at the store, would you buy 20 boxes of cereal?

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Show audio here.

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