Sunday, May 16, 2010

Episode 4 Aftercast: More on Cell Phone Fees, Fee-baits and Deals

Here is the audio to our latest show. 

At 3:10, we discuss the problems with getting AT&T "Feebaits" on your telephone, and specifically refer to this article on the Visa Gift cards you get after 8 weeks of waiting - guess what, more hassles using the money they promised you.

At 5:49, we give out the executive contact information for all 4 big cell phone providers that charge upgrade fees in case you want to contact them to complain, escalate complaints or let them know how you feel about their fees and "customer service" quality. 

AT&T: Randall Stephenson or 210-821-4105, x5, after the recording and pause, you are connected, ask for Mr. Stephenson's office.

Verizon: Ivan Seidenberg  908-306-7000 x0 212-395-1000

T-Mobile: Robert P. Dotson 877-290-6323 Ex. 8025, 8025, 8024, 8023, 8021

Sprint: Dan Hesse 703-433-4401

We continue then speaking about the great deals you can regularly get at Dollar Tree when you grocery shop. 

24:15 Then, we reference how Bank of America is back in the news, getting hit with a class action suit for not working with homeowners to keep them in their homes as they promised. 

25:10 We reference Michael Moore's movie Capitalism: A Love Story as a great film portraying the real impact on real people of the banking bailout and mortgage crisis.  

40:40 We reference how it seems like the country is dumbing down and the movie "Idiocracy" as an example of it. 

42:47 Scott previews that we are going to have a Credit Card Fee smackdown show in the near future as well as a big travel deals show. 

50:15 Here are some hilarious youtube videos taking off on how banks really think and make decisions about policies and fees:

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